Car Maintenance Workshops For Women

Feel Safer when you drive.

No more fingers crossed that your car won’t break down and leave you stranded.

Be Confident behind the wheel.

No more waiting for your dad, husband, boyfriend, partner to tell you what to do.

Save $$ in costly repairs.

Know what to ask your mechanic rather than staring blankly hoping you won’t get ripped off.

Save $ in Repairs &
Never Break Down Again!

Does your daughter, sister, friend, mum, need to get to know her car better?

How to peak under the bonnet and check the oil?

Over the last 12 years, more than 50 000 women have popped the bonnet and changed a tyre with Galmatic.

Now it’s your turn to help the gals in your life to be auto savvy!

So what is a Galmatic ‘Know Your Car’ Workshop all about?

Our car care workshops are designed specifically for women.

They are fun, interactive and hands on.

Our female trainers will show you how to feel comfortable poking under the bonnet of your car and most importantly, you are with a group of like-minded women, learning in a friendly and non-threatening environment.

Why over 50 000 have loved our workshops!

  • No question is too silly.
  • You don’t need any special skills or knowledge and you can come alone or with some friends.
  • No boring jargon, no condescending comments, just the stuff you should know before you get behind the wheel of your car.
  • Essential skills that we unfortunately don’t get shown!

So come along ladies, join in one of our car know-how workshops and drive out feeling confident and road ready.
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“Your course is excellent and it was so helpful. Turned out my oil was almost empty and the coolant as well. Without the workshop I would have kept driving around with no idea I was about to blow my engine! Thank you!!
Can’t wait to check my oil, next month”

Dao – workshop participant

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Have the ultimate peace of mind that you, your girlfriends and your daughters are safe behind the wheel, every time you drive.

We Can Come To You

Perhaps you want to have a few friends get together in your driveway, or need a team building workshop at your next work function.

Our trainers can run the perfect workshop to suit you, your friends, work mates or clients!

Want to join one of our public workshops?

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“This was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it and am thinking of who I can give this gift to or trying to organise a charity event that utilises this wonderful experience.”

Chantelle, 5 star RedBalloon review

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Under the Bonnet

Yes we pop the bonnet and you get to have a look around. It’s one on one time with your trainer and group interaction with all the other ladies in class. You will be looking under the bonnet of your own car.

  • Learn about what you can and cannot touch
  • What to check and how often
  • Which fuel to use and why
  • All under the bonnet of your own car

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Change a Tyre

Yes its tyre care time. And these shoes make a huge difference on how your car will and won’t perform. And we show you how to change a tyre. An easy step by step way with handy tips and tricks.

  • How to change a tyre
  • How to check your tyre pressure
  • How tyres can save you $ on fuel
  • Check to find you have a jack!

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The Perfect Toolkit

Know what your car has and where it lives, all in a supportive and friendly workshop! Learn several tips and tricks to save $$ in repairs, what questions to ask your mechanic and how to feel safer every time you drive!

  • You will feel relaxed straight away!
  • All our Galmatic trainers are female
  • You will have lots of fun
  • Leave feeling empowered!

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“Quite possibly THE BEST workshop I’ve ever been to. I can honestly say I feel SO much more confident under the bonnet and changing a tyre now and ever-so slightly embarrassed at leaving it until being in my 40’s before feeling this way. The lady from Galmatic pitched this TOTALLY appropriately and did not patronise us, making learning so much easier. I would HIGHLY recommend this workshop to ANY of my girlfriends. Top Tip: Don’t wear a white top though, it IS hand-on (which is the best way to learn!).”

Sallyann Buckley

Book a workshop today!

Well we can come to you!
All you need to do is pick a date pick the posse and show up – we will do the rest.

  • We teach all across Australia
  • all ages
  • Teach both ladies only and mixed classes.
  • We can choose the venue or come to your driveway or workplace.

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Workshop Locations
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Car Maintenance For Girls Learning to Drive - Galmatic

Information Pack

We can deliver a workshop to suit the number of co-workers, friends you want to include.

We bring everything needed and can use your own cars or ones we provide.

We have standard workshop formats or we can organise a workshop to suit your exact needs.


When do gift vouchers expire?

A: We want to see every Australian woman more confident behind the wheel, therefore our Galmatic gift vouchers do not come with an expiry date – they are valid for any Galmatic Workshop that is advertised on our website.


Q: Where can I use my voucher?

A: Galmatic gift vouchers are valid for any Galmatic Workshop that is advertised on our website. Maybe there is one close to home, or maybe you want to attend one near your friend’s place. You choose!


Q: What if I can’t make a workshop that I have booked into?

A: That’s ok – we are happy to have you jump into another workshop – just let us know and we will email you the workshop dates coming up.


Q: I am booked into a Workshop but want to transfer it to a friend. Can I?

A: Well aren’t you lovely! Sure, we are happy to meet your friend. We will miss you though.


Q: I bought 2 workshop vouchers but we can’t come to the same workshop – can we come to separate workshops?

A: Ah, your friend will miss you, but we promise to look after both of you, different workshops is not a problem.


More questions?

Just email us and we will be in touch!