How To Vacuum Your Car

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How to vacuum your car? Yes I know not the sexiest of topics, but make sure you watch our video so that you can see how to get a clean car, burn 100-150 calories and see me road test the new Dyson Slim Cordless Vacuum.

Do you get you car cleaned at a car wash? I’m not a fan of them, even the hand car wash places, as they charge upwards of $35 and use high pressured hoses and vacuum cleaners designed to suck up the earth and dog hair your carpet.

With just a handful of tips, you will keep your carpet looking newer, cleaner and your wallet fatter – all whilst burning around 150 calories too.

Click on the video to watch.

Just like you, your car deserves a regular trip to the day spa and as every girl knows, those extra touches can make the world of difference. Give it a regular pamper session and you will reap the rewards.

Regular cleaning is the best anti-ageing care for your car.

It will help to:

1. Keep your car looking young and help to keep its value longer

2. Improve visibility when driving (clean windows)

3. Improve night safety (clean cars are more visible in the dark)

And to help we have put together the perfect maintenance guide for keeping your car looking her best!

Menu – learn how to give your car a:

Bubble Bath – Exterior wash

Deep Cleanse Facial – Interior clean

Mud Wrap – Wax your car

Body Scrub – Polish your car

Under The Bonnet E Book


It’s all in our ‘Day Spa For Your Car’ e-book.

You can grab a copy by clicking here:

And to find out more about the Dyson Cordless we road tested click here.

You can also download the A-Z guide of cleaning tips by clicking the link.

The A -Z of Cleaning Tips!

The video I mentioned above on how to check your child restraints is below.

Happy cleaning!



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