A Spilt Second Can Change Someones Life

By April 22, 2014 Learning To Drive

A few seconds can change a life. It could be a quick check of an SMS that came through on your phone, trying to grab your bag from behind your seat or unscrewing the cap of a drink bottle. Look away, get distracted and in those few seconds, everything on the road ahead of you can change.

Teaching car maintenance workshops to school groups is one of the fun aspects of my work. I get to influence young drivers into making small decisions that can have large ramifications.

Last week I worked with Strathfield council and had the pleasure of working with Heidi Haydon from Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. Heidi was left with T4 Paraplegia (complete) after she was knocked off her motorcycle in a roundabout collision.

Today’s video is an extract from the talk Heidi gave the Year 11 boys from St Patrick’s College.

Heidi showcased for the boys the long term life change that one persons bad driving decisions can make. The journey from acceptance, rehabilitation and her new life, paralysed from the chest down.

Three things come into play when driving.

1. You  – the driver
2. Your Vehicle, it’s condition and safety features
3. The Environment – weather, road and others

Watch and share our videos, and make sure to join into one of our defensive driving courses to ensure you know the proactive things to do to keep you, your family and others safe behind the wheel.

To find out more about SCIA and invite Heidi to speak click through to their website here.

Heidi Hayden a cool chick with a hot set of wheels!

Heidi Hayden a cool chick with a hot set of wheels!



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