Why you shouldn’t keep beauty products in the car

By June 4, 2014 Driving Tips

Do you keep your hand cream, lipstick or sunscreen in the car? Do you know how quickly it can go off and cause your skin harm?

Beauty products weren’t made to be able to withstand harsh environments like the inside of your car. The temperature in your can quickly reach up to 60 degrees Celsius with 75% of the increase occurring in the first 5 minutes.  Temperatures this high will start to breakdown any cosmetic, and natural products are even more susceptible.

Just leaving a beauty product in the car for 5 mins could ruin it.

You don’t want your cosmetics to start to breakdown because it spoils them faster. Essential oils start to breakdown and go rancid at temperatures above 40 degrees which will make your product smell awful and unhealthy to use. Preservatives that keep out nasty bugs and mold will no longer be as effective, making your favourite product a haven for bacteria which can lead to skin infections and other health issues.

Active ingredients (the powerful ones that do all good anti-ageing work) will also no longer be effective as they are damaged by heat. This is especially important with sunscreens because if the active ingredients that are supposed to protect you have started to break down, not only do they no longer protect you from the sun but they can be contributing to UV damage, making it worse.

The best way to keep your favourite products safe is to leave full size products at home and only take travel size or minis with you during your day. That way if leaving them in the car is unavoidable only a small amount is wasted and not the whole product.

Our top 3 products to never leave home without

  1. Moisturiser – A good moisturiser can be suitable for both your face and hands and will be especially good for long trips in air conditioned cars. Our Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing cream is perfect because it soaks in super fast, doesn’t leave your hands tacky and contains MSM which your nails will love you for.  (http://happyskincare.com.au/product/perfectly-happy-anti-ageing-cream/)
  2. Hydrating Tonic – nothing better for a quick pick-me-up during a hard day or long drive, and a saviour when it’s hot out! The Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic fits the bill and who doesn’t love the smell of roses? (http://happyskincare.com.au/product/raindrops-on-roses-hydrating-tonic/)
  3. Sunscreen – The sun is the ultimate bad guy when it comes to premature ageing so using a natural sunscreen all year round is a must. After much research and testing the best sunscreen we found was Eco Logical skincare to be the best overall (http://happyskincare.com.au/product/eco-all-natural-sunscreen-face/) .

The Happy Skincare sample pack has a miniature moisturiser and hydrating tonic that will be perfect for your handbag or car. You can check out the Happy Skincare sample pack here: http://happyskincare.com.au/product/samplepack/.

With thanks to Aaron from Happy Skincare for the information.


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