School Zone Speed Limit 40 km/h

By April 29, 2014 Kids and Cars

So why are school zones at 40 km/h?

I know it feels like the speed zones are designed purely to irritate you and slow you down.

Late for a meeting, or worse late to get the kids to school and there you are travelling at 40 km/h (and you never seem to see a kid around)!

So why?

Because going slower, even the smallest reduction in speed, will increase a child’s chance of surviving a collision. It’s that simple. The faster you go, the harder you hit!

In today’s video we take you out to the drag way to show you some ordinary cars travelling and trying to stop at various speeds – and you will see why 40 km an hour is the fastest you should travel in a school zone.

Keeping our schoolkids safe and confident behind the wheel

It’s essential to teach our Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 kids’ basic car maintenance and car knowledge.

Their driving lessons are solely geared towards obtaining their car licence, with little, if any instruction about how their car works, or what to do if they break down. Usually it’s license in the wallet, keys in the hand and off they go.

But are they safe? And how much does it cost to repair their neglected car?

At Galmatic we have been teaching School Group Car Maintenance Workshops For Girls (as well as mixed classes) nationwide, and over the last 6 years have found that the main fears for parents of young female P-Plate drivers, are around what their daughters would do if something was to go wrong.

  • Will she be helpless? Will she know what to do?
  • Waiting for help at night, will she be safe alone in her car?
  • If she breaks down in the dark, will she be vulnerable to assault?
  • If she can’t handle the car will she crash and die? Kill her friends?

The answer? Get her engaged, involved and informed. Teach her to be in control of her driving and her safety.

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