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By March 19, 2014 Kids and Cars

Kids, cars and car parks can be a dangerous mix. There are times, especially rainy days at the school car park that I get so nervous about where not just my children are, but also the other kids too.

Are you forever saying, “Stand here’ hold my hand, look where you are going?”

In today’s video, I introduce you to an easy and fun way to get your kids car aware and proactive about their own safety – and give you some peace of mind too!

Introducing kids to using the safe Spot Sticker is a great way to keep kids safe around your car.

* It’s visual and tactile, so the kids love to use it
* It’s a magnet, so can be removed and placed onto different cars
* It won’t hurt your car in anyway
* It’s easy to introduce and easy to replicate no matter where you are

A few safety tips

1. The magnet should be positioned on the exterior, passenger side panel, as this is the safest entry/exit point of a vehicle

2. Teach the kids to go to the safety spot sticker before they enter the car and upon exit of the vehicle. EVERYTIME

3. Ensure the kids know that the safe spot sticker should only be used on their car; it is not a sign of a safe car on any other vehicle other than their own

To grab your own Safety Spot magnets and stickers lick the link below:

Safe Spot Sticker

Do you have a safe spot at your home? What tips do you have for keeping kids safe at your place,at school or car parks? Please share your tips in the comments below.


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