What drives you crazy behind the wheel? Tailgating, cars jumping in front of you or maybe slow drivers in the right lane? For me, I hate it when I let someone in and they don’t even wave to say thank you!

At our last day out at the drag way, after a fun day of teaching, Melinda, Karina and I decided to make a fun video all about road rage!

Now we have gone a little over the top (no rude words) but mega rage over the bad driver in front of us, and we did this on purpose to emphasise how ridiculous it is to get that stressed behind the wheel.

And remember that road rage leads to you:

  • Make risky decisions
  • Take your focus off the road, your driving and the vehicles around you
  • Becoming angry and more aggressive behind the wheel

Enjoy today’s video; I hope it gives you a giggle, but most of all, let it remind you that road rage is a waste of time and can be so dangerous!

Stay calm and safe driving.


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