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Lids and Leather..

When it comes to riding they say, “Two wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul”.

There is also the saying “dress for the slide not the ride” and in today’s video we look at ladies riding gear for whenever you are on a motorbike – be it as the rider or pillion (passenger).

Brooklyn is the Motor clothes specialist at Northern Beaches Harley Davidson in Sydney and she shares with us some tips and information on riding gear. We chat with her about lids (helmets), jackets and gloves.

  • How to know your motorcycle helmet fits correctly
  • What to do to minimise ‘helmet hair’, that flat awful hair you get from sweating in a helmet.
  • What to look for in a riding glove
  • The pro’s of both leather and non-leather riding jackets
  • What riding gear do you wear?

Do you ride? Wear open or full face helmet?

If you’re in Sydney pop in and say Hi to Brooklyn at Northern Beaches Harley Davidson in Sydney


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