How to remove oil stains from your clothes

By April 19, 2015 Day Spa For Your Car

Whether you have been cleaning your dipstick with an oil rag (we use our red bandannas) or perhaps left your lip balm in your pocket and it’s melted, there will come a time where you have to get an oil stain out of your clothes.

Today’s video shares a few quick tips on how to remove oil stains from your clothes.

Galmatic Cleaning Tips

Galmatic Cleaning Tips

Products used in today’s video include:

My brand new washing machine. LG Smart Washer. 9.5kg stainless steel top loader. Self closing lid, quiet and no agitator. Love the way it washes. Find out more here. It has a see-thru lid (tinted like a rear windscreen) so you can have a peek!

Sards wonder soap bar – great to have in the laundry for all sorts of stains. Great to wash your hands when they are really greasy too.

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Day Spa For Your Car


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