How To Put Air In Your Tyres

By April 14, 2014 Car Care Workshops

You know that you are supposed to put air into your tyres, but do you put it off because you’re just not quite sure how to do it?

It’s actually a very quick and easy job, and so important!

The right tyre pressure will make a huge difference in how your car handles in the wet, when you need to brake and stop in an emergency situation and with how much fuel your car consumes.

Come on over to the blog and watch today’s short video on how to put air in your tyres and then on your next stop at the service station you will be ready to pump up your tyres!

So many of the women we teach (over 10 000 women so far) don’t ever check their tyre pressure – Please help us change that by sharing this video with every woman you know – use the social media links below the video. It’s that easy!