Pop The Bonnet, Grab Your Oil Rag And Check The Oil!

By December 22, 2013 Love Your Car

You might have a brand new car that you intend on servicing frequently, but it is worthwhile to routinely do a quick check to make sure your car doesn’t let you down.

If you drive an older model, then a regular check is essential.

Your diligence in checking your car on a regular basis will keep it running well and working at its best.

Are you thinking do I need to know this information?

I have my Dad, husband, brother that checks over the car for me.

Lucky you and make sure you always say thank you!

Of course you still need to know how your car works and performs.

After all it’s you that drives it and you that will be stuck on the side of the road if something goes wrong.

Not sure you are 100% confident? Jump into one of our Galmatic Car Maintenance Workshops for Women, or if you live too far away we have our workshops in an online E-Course too!


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