Plan B – getting home after a big night out

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What is your Plan B?

The Plan B campaign was initiated by the Australian Government in 2012 and is geared towards encouraging people to think about how they are going to get home from an event before they start drinking.

Judgments and decisions made after a few drinks may not be the best choices – so arranging to have a Plan B for getting home can help reduce the chances of your night going wrong.

Drink driving is a serious topic and the results can be fatal.

This video is made with a little of our Galmatic flavour – light and fun to appeal to a broad audience. But as always, we take a serious approach to driving.

Before going out, make sure you have your Plan B in place.

Think of all your options and way up the best for you and your event.

The options we look at are:

  1. The designated driver chosen before you go out. Once you have already started drinking it’s hard for you to judge how much your designated driver has had to drink
  2. Sleeping over. Dinner with too much wine at your mates place? Sleep over!
  3. Waiting for a taxi or bus. It could be hours – pre-book a hire car/taxi or use Uber

Make sure whatever your evening includes – leaving the car at home and choosing a Plan B is first on the list!

Check out more info on the Australian government website

And if you think that you might change your mind after a few drinks – share your Plan B on line with your friends – have them keep you accountable.

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