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Galmatic School Incursions Car Maintenance Sydney

We like to share what we cover in our school workshop program with parents so that together, we can help teenagers on their journey to becoming safer drivers, informed and empowered road users and can help reach the nation’s goal of a zero-road toll.

Galmatic has taught over 50,000 students since 2007, equipping them with basic car skills in a fun and non-threatening environment.

What the students cover

Galmatic School Incursions Car Maintenance Sydney Students are immersed in practical skills from the get go.

No hard jargon or boring power points with black and white diagrams.

We dive in and get them under the bonnet checking the oil and then on the ground changing a tyre in an intensive, interactive hands-on workshop.

We focus on teaching students to be comfortable with exploring and questioning.

We remove the fear of “Can I touch that?” and create a safe and fun environment where no question is too silly to ask.

Galmatic Car Maintenance School IncursionsMost importantly we provide them with a check list of skills they can use in their day to day driving.

The workshop is designed around what we call ‘The 10-minute servo check’.  Which is a monthly car check to ensure their car is running at its best, doesn’t break down and keeps them driving safely.

Skills covered

Under the Bonnet

  • What, when and how to check the engine to keep it running smoothly and safely
  • What they can and can’t touch in the engine bay
  • Students check the oil and coolant, fluids, battery and hoses

Tyre Care

  • How to care for tyres & check the pressure
  • Students change a tyre

Glovebox Guide

Every student receives the Galmatic Glovebox Guide Playbook.

The playbook is a recap of the workshop.

It includes a step by step guide on how to change a tyre and the ‘The 10-minute servo check’ how-to checklist.

Students are provided with a link to download the workshop playbook onto their phones.

You can download the Glovebox Guide for your phone too – shhh we won’t tell anyone if you haven’t changed a tyre before!

Download the Galmatic Glovebox Guide


Further learning

The perfect way to have your kids learning more and increase their confidence behind the wheel, is with the Galmatic online course.

It delves further into what they can do to:

  • Keep their car running well
  • Save $ in costly repairs
  • What to do in an accident

The online course includes how – to video’s and workbooks.

Only $49 Find out more about it here.

Look forward to seeing you on the road. Happy and safe driving.

The Galmatic Team.


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