Love Your Car – Happy Valentine’s Day

By February 14, 2014 Love Your Car
Valentines Day

Valentines Day


Have you cleared out the driveway for the flower and chocolate deliveries?

Ready for a day and night of Romance? Or maybe you might not have a honey.

But don’t forget about that guy or gal that loves you, drives you to work, to parties, rail hail or shine!

Yes the special relationship you have with your car is like no other. Who else lets you leave them out all night, often running on an empty stomach and going weeks between showers!

So darlings, this Valentine’s Day it’s time to give your car a little love!

Wash Me Baby!

It’s Day Spa For Your Car Time. We recommend Bowden’s Own products. Australian made and owned.

High Heels or Sneakers

Give her shoes a little lovin’ – you don’t need to buy her a new set of wheels.

Give her a Quick Once Over!

A bit of perfume goes a long way.

And then it’s time to take her or him out on a date -Happy Cruisin’.