‘Know Your Car’ On-line Program for Teenage Girls

Picture your daughter jumping into the driver’s seat, keys in hand, P plates on and the open road ahead.

It’s both exciting and liberating for her, but does your daughter know anything about how her car works?

The ‘Know Your Car’ on-line program is designed to arm girls with some easy and basic car skills to help them on their journey to being safer drivers and empowered road users.

To help teenage girls feel safe behind the wheel!

Nuts and Bolts

The fun, easy and interactive way to help teenage girls feel safe behind the wheel! Join for instant access and receive:

4 Video Tutorials

Covering all the basics she needs to be ready to drive on her own with an understanding of how to maintain her vehicle.

4-part Interactive Workbook

With checklists to compliment the video tutorials and personalise the program to her car make and model.

Glovebox Guide Playbook

A recap of the program ‘must know’, in the format of an instant download for her phone, like a one stop self-serve garage in her handbag.

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“Would highly recommend to all females, young and the more mature. The young girls need to learn and we slightly older girls forget what we were taught too long ago. Thank you!”

Susan Blake

Skills Covered

This 100% online course covers:

  • Car Basics – getting to know the basics of your car
  • The 10 min servo check – how to check the oil, coolant, battery and hoses
  • The All-round Tyre Check – what to check on your tyre
  • How to Change a Tyre – the easiest way to change a tyre in under 15 mins
  • Staying Safe – what to do in an accident
  • Cruise Ready – the essential must haves before you go driving

Glovebox Guide

A recap of the program ‘must know’, in the format of an instant download for her phone, like a one stop self-serve garage in her handbag.

Nothing boring here, just essential information at her fingers tips, for the        ’10-min servo check’ to keep her car running at its best.

4- Part Interactive Workbook

  • Designed to complement the video tutorials
  • Simply download and print
  • The 4-part workbook is packed with checklists and worksheets
  • Enables you to personalise the program to any car make and model

Virtual Training

  • Step by step video training
  • Easy to follow and fun to put into practice
  • How-to training – skill building and easy to implement
  • Female trainers – young female drivers can relate to

The fun, easy and interactive way to help teenage girls feel safe behind the wheel!

“Wow, is it really that simple? Thanks for the ‘jargon –free’, easy to work through e-course. And yes my car had hardly any oil or coolant before this course, but never again. I even showed my brother how to do it.”


Three fun, easy modules

Part One – Under the bonnet

  • What to look for to save $ in repairs
  • How to check the oil, coolant, battery and hoses
  • The 10 min ‘servo check’ that will keep your car going between services

Part Two – High Heels or Sneakers?

  • How to care for your tyres
  • What to check on your tyres
  • How to change a tyre in under 15 mins

Part Three – Safety Tips behind the wheel

  • Staying safe behind the wheel
  • What to do in an accident and what to record
  • The essential must haves to keep in the car

Only $49

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“This was amazing. I would highly recommend it and am thinking of who I can give this gift to.”


Enrol now – it’s super easy!

1. Click

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2. Register

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3. Instant access

To the private members page to access all the videos, Glovebox Guide and workbook! Any questions? Check out our FAQ’s below or contact us at the garage. We are just an email away and open all hours! Contact Us

Only $49

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FAQ’s – for that extra tinker around

Q. Do I need to know this information? I have my Dad, boyfriend, brother that checks over the car for me.
Lucky you and make sure you always say thank you! Of course you still need to know how your car works and performs. After all it’s you that drives it and you that will be stuck on the side of the road if something goes wrong or if you break down.

Q. What if I have a question? Is there support?
We are only ever an email away! We also have Live Chat on our website. You can contact us anytime with any questions. Contact Us.

Q. What if I don’t feel the course was valuable?
We believe in our course so much that we have a 100% guarantee. If you complete the course and feel you didn’t find it valuable, we will refund your money. 100% guaranteed!

Q. My car costs me so much anyway, is the Course a good investment?
Our ‘Know Your Car’ on-line program costs less than a tank of fuel and will teach you how to save  money and time! Be empowered!

Q. I don’t care about my car; it’s just something that gets me from A to B. Will the Course be of any benefit?
That’s one of the main reasons you need to enroll in the online course, because you want your car getting you from A to B, safely, economically and every time you need it to.

Q. I’m really busy; I don’t have much spare time. How much time does it take to do the Course?
Perfect, we are too! That’s why our online course is divided into bite sized sections that you can do individually or all at once. The Glovebox Guide can be downloaded onto your phone for easy reference. Watch the video tutorials and work through the workbook at your leisure. 

Q. I have a good mechanic do I still need Galmatic?
Keep that mechanic, send them a birthday card every year and tell all of your friends about them! Our E-Course will teach you to keep your car performing better between services and help you to get the most out of your car. Keep that great mechanic, you still need them, but learn how to give them less of your dollars!

Q. I’m not mechanically minded, will I find the E-Course too hard?
No! Our E-Course was designed to have you feeling more confident about how your car works, less anxious about how it will perform and happy about the dollars that you will save!

Q. I’m a man – can I still do the course?
Hello boys! Of course you can! Make sure you buy one for your mum and sister too.

Only $49

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