Kids in hot cars – leaving kids unattended in cars

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One of the awful occurrences during summer heatwaves is the news of kids being left in hot cars.

Whether it be a quick run into the local shop or to the servo to pay for fuel, always take kids with you.

In summer the temperature inside a car can increase between 20-30 degrees Celsius within minutes. Kids can’t maintain a normal body temperature which can quickly lead to shock, unconsciousness and organ failure.

Today’s video is about what can happen if you have left children unattended in a car.

Often, the situations we see on the news are where a carer has accidentally forgotten a child in the car.

Lock the car when it’s in the garage so that the kids can’t accidentally lock themselves inside and keep car keys where the kids can’t reach them. It will eliminate the chance of the kids using the car as a play area.

If you’re a casual carer:

  1. place a soft toy in the front seat to remind yourself that you have kids in the car
  2. Place your bags in the back-seat floor of the car, so that you see the kids when you grab your bag
  3. Make it a habit to do a car walkaround every trip, so you never forget a child in the car

Keep these simple tips in mind and keep your kids and the kids you look after safe this summer.

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