You need your GPS & Street Directory in the car – Summer Series

By December 3, 2016 Uncategorized

Why you should keep a GPS and a Street Directory in your car


Do you still use a street directory or have you switched over to using a GPS?

Which do you prefer?

Does the idea of flicking through a street directory seem foreign to you (some of you probably have never even seen one).

Or do you just go nuts when the GPS voice asks you to turn where there is clearly no side street!

This summer we suggest you keep both a GPS and a street directory in your car and give you a few reasons why you should.

The Pro’s for using a street directory

  • You can map out and  the whole route before you start your journey
  • You can identify reference points like parks
  • You don’t need to charge it

The Con’s for using a street directory

  • They go out of date quickly
  • They are not hands free – so you can’t reference them whilst driving

The Pro’s for using a GPS

  • They are hands free – with the choice of visual and sound
  • Update data

The Con’s of a GPS

  • They can run out of charge
  • They don’t always take the quickest/easiest route!

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