How to help your Teenage Daughter to be a Confident Driver

How to help your Teenage Daughter to be a Confident Driver

In 12  years of teaching car maintenance workshops to teenagers across Australia, three main questions/topics keep arising. They ask us:

1. Do I need a driving instructor? How do I know if my Mum/Dad are teaching me the correct techniques?

2. I’d love to get under the bonnet and poke around, but I’m too nervous. Will I break something?

3. What do I do if something goes wrong and I’m on my own?

It’s an insight that we thought would be valuable to share with you, so we have put together some free training.

We are going Live on Facebook, where you can ask us questions, interact with us and pick up some pointers for teaching your teenage daughter.

What we will cover:

  1. Learn 3 tips to ensure your teenage daughter is ready to move from her L’s to her P’s and be confident to drive on her own.
  2. The pain free way to ensure your daughter is safe on the road.

Perfect for every parent with a learner driver!

Please share with all of your friends and help us create confident young Australian drivers and together reach the Nations goal of a zero road toll.


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