How to get spiders out of your car this Halloween

By October 29, 2016 Love Your Car

Ever wondered how to rid your car of spiders?

Creepy crawlies, tricks and treats and houses covered in spiders and spider webs, are all part and parcel of Halloween fun this weekend; but does the thought of having a spider in the car give you the creeps?

Does the thought of a Huntsman crawling across the windscreen make your skin crawl?

You know the moment when you turn on the windscreen wipers frantically, only to find that your new little hairy 8 legged friends haven’t moved, which means she is on the inside of the car!

And then they creep in from the air conditioning vents, looking for somewhere dry to live.

And sleeping inside your side view mirrors!

Well, fear no more! We have the quick and simple solution – just a little peppermint oil or lemon oil will keep those spiders away!

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I would love to hear your spider stories! Ever had one crawl across your windscreen?

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