Holiday Car Check – Summer Series

By December 9, 2016 Summer Series

Holiday Car Check – Summer Series

Week 4 of our Summer Series and we are showing you a quick Holiday Car Check. If you watched Video One you will remember that we did a quick under the bonnet check.

Today’s video leads on from our Under The Bonnet video – and will give you 6 checks to make before you go on a road trip these summer holidays.

The video includes:

1. How to do a simple car battery check
2. Checking your car hoses
3. Ensuring your child car restraint is fitted correctly
4. How to change your windscreen wipers
5. How to top up your engine oil
6. Make sure your tow bar is on correctly

Under The Bonnet Playbook

The Glovebox Essential This Holiday Season

A holiday check is essential this holiday season. It doesn’t take long but can help to keep you and your family safer on the road.

Grab a copy of our Car Car Handbook. 5 chapters that you can easily download, print, fill out the workbook sections and pop into the glovebox. Grab a copy here.


Under the bonnet

  • The 10 min, once a month car check
  • tips and information
  • workbook to fill out and pop into the glovebox

High Heels or Sneakers – how to change a tyre

  • Tyre care, what to look for and how to keep your tyres lasting longer
  • Step by step colour photo tutorial on how to change a tyre
  • Show box worksheet to fill out an dpop into the glovebox

Buying & Selling a Car

  • The ulimate guide to buying and selling a car

What to do in an Accident

  • Tips to help you stay safe behind the wheel
  • MAAS action plan – what to do in the case of an accident
  • Accident recording workbook

Day Spa for your Car

  • The perfect maintenance guide for keeping your car looking her best!

Grab a copy  here