Happy 10th Birthday Galmatic

By August 5, 2017 Galmatic, Uncategorized

It’s our 10th Birthday and nostalgia has kicked in as we reminisce and take a drive down memory lane.

From what started as an idea in a pub when I was 21 years old and driving my first car – a 1958 FC Holden, to today where we teach workshops throughout Australia, the journey of Galmatic has been a fabulous one.

All Gal Company

It all started in August 2007 with a  car maintenance handbook for women. 

We called it the ‘car care handbook for girls’ and it was a grease proof, hard cover, spiral bound glove box essential! With 8 chapters, it taught you all the essentials you needed to know to get you understanding a little bit more about your car.

The Galmatic website was launched in December of that year, with our mascot Georgie introducing Galmatic to the world.

Georgie is our Galmatic mascot.

She is an animated, turbo–charged, rock ‘n’ roll, girl mechanic – independent, young and car savvy.

Georgie plays an important role at our garage.  Her cheeky wit allows us to push the boundaries.

She is intelligent, gorgeous, fun and independent. Cool enough to inspire and warm enough to admire.

Georgie bridges the age gap and is the epitome of our philosophy of old fashioned service in a modern world.

She keeps an eye on all of our training, to make sure our workshops, playbooks and on-line courses are fun, hands-on and informative!

And let’s not start with her love of the camera. Before Instagram, she started our YouTube Channel with her own cartoon.

Getting attention

Oh how websites have changed since flash! The handbook made us media favourites and led us to being featured in every major women’s magazine and national TV programs.

From changing tyres on morning shows, to checking the oil for national newspaper articles. Word was out – the Galmatic Gals wanted to empower women to be more confident behind the wheel.

Hands-on Workshops

With this attention came lots of handbook sales and in turn, requests  for us to offer the handbook as a hands-on workshop. And so began our ‘Know Your Car’ Workshops and a 9 year partnership with Bob Jane T-Marts.

We have taught these ladies only workshops all over Australia, with public workshops and private ones for companies, community groups and women of all ages.

As we taught more and more workshops we noticed that we had lot’s of learner drivers coming with their mums to classes and realised that there was a need for our young Australian teenagers to get to know more about basic car maintenance.

We researched and surveyed school teachers, parents and students and armed with this information we designed our school program.

School Program

This next stage saw us launch these school program workshops into schools across Australia. As well as adding a new arm to our ever growing company, our school program quickly became definitely the most rewarding part of our training. It really is so fabulous seeing young drivers learn how to change a tyre and pop the bonnet confidently.

And as the years went by our Handbook transformed too. 1st conversion was into an Ipad App which allowed the tutorials to include video. It was exciting to see the Handbook in this interactive format and know that women could have the info with them at all times.


But as much as technology changes, we still still had requests for a hard copy version.

With the handbook out of print (5000 copies were sold) we designed and launched the playbooks. All 8 chapters of the original handbook in downloadable format – straight from our website.

Easy to download onto your phone and have easy ‘step by step’ auto must do’s at your fingertips! The inexpensive and bite sized way to get you auto savvy.




Online Courses

And for all the ladies that couldn’t make it to our public workshops we knew we needed to offer another way for them to get more confident behind the wheel.

And the best way to do that was with our online courses. The perfect mix of playbooks, video and one on one instruction.

It has been a fun journey over the last 10 years. With a crew of trainers that make every workshop fun to the amazing schools, students and teachers that we meet and the great ladies that have gotten their hands greasy in our workshops.

Thank you for being a part of our Garage and we look forward to the next ten years. Let’s see where that leads us!