Georgie – 7 Years in the same outfit!

By March 4, 2014 Galmatic
Georgie - Galmatic crew mascot

Georgie – Galmatic crew mascot

It all started with a cartoon character called Georgie and a grease proof handbook – a girl’s guide to looking after your car!

That was 7 years ago and even though Miss Georgie is a little sick of sitting in the same pose and wearing the same outfit, things have changed so much!

What started off as just a book has become a large workshop based company that has taught over 10 000 women – that’s a lot of dipsticks!

Galmatic Handbook

Galmatic Handbook

So feeling nostalgic, I thought I would take you all back to where it started – a two page website (remember flash) with our very own cartoon.

Looks a little kitsch now – but it did introduce us to so many women, schools and the opportunity to still be here 7 years on!

The website has now changed several times and the Handbook is now our interactive online course and hands on workshops.

Enjoy the cartoon and thank you for jumping into the driver’s seat and joining us.

If you haven’t had the chance to do a workshop, come over and see what we do – everything cots less than a tank of fuel – and will save you hundreds!