The essential things to keep in the car

By July 1, 2015 Learning To Drive

The essentials you need to keep in the car

P plates on the car, quick car check completed and your daughter is ready to jump in the driver’s seat and start cruising on her own!

Do you know the essentials that she needs to keep in her car? Not just a jack and a spare tyre, but the things that will make the everyday drive easier and the essentials to keep your daughter out of trouble.

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In today’s video we show you what she needs in the car for every trip and we also have the essential ‘What to do in an accident’ checklist. Make sure to download it, go through it with your daughter and pop it into her glovebox.

What To Do In An Accident Checklist

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The perfect checklist for teaching your teenage daughter to drive
Imagine feeling relaxed and confident that your daughter was safe every-time she went out driving. Imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing that she was prepared, confident and empowered; in control of her driving and safety.

Teaching your teenage daughter to drive involves more than just showing her how to reverse park and change lanes in traffic.

She needs to learn how to feel confident and safe behind the wheel of a car. She needs to know what to do to stay out of trouble and what to do if things were to go wrong.

Under The Bonnet Checklist

Before you buy a first aid kit for your car, watch our video below:

We go over the first aid kit you need in the boot and the handy kit you need in the glove-box.


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