Welcome to the Galmatic ‘Know Your Car’  Online Program.

We have had the pleasure of teaching our hands-on workshops since 2007 and have taught over 50,000 women and teenagers!

This program is the online version – same tips and skills as our group workshops: ready for you to learn at a time that suits you!

Watch the welcome video and save the Galmatic Glovebox Guide to your phone.

It’s the perfect quick reference guide for when you need it on the road!

Watch me first!

We’ve rolled up the garage door


Hello lovely,

Feel free to enjoy this course all in one go – or do a module at a time.

Each module has a video tutorial and an accompanying playbook.

First step: Download the ‘Glovebox Guide’ and save it on your phone.

Galmatic Glovebox Guide

Next step: Click on the modules below to view each tutorial and playbook.

  1. Module One
  2. Module Two
  3. Module Three