Drink Driving and Your Plan B

By January 21, 2014 Driving Tips

Drink driving is a serious topic and the results can be fatal.
This video is made with a little of our Galmatic flavour – light and fun so as to appeal to a broad audience.
But as always we take a serious approach to driving.

Before going out, make sure you have your Plan B in place.
Think of all your options and way up the best for you and your event.

The options we look at are:

1 The designated driver chosen before you go out and then once you are already out for the night
2. Sleeping over
3. Waiting for a taxi or bus
4. Booking a driver

Make sure whatever your evening includes – leaving the car at home and choosing a Plan B is first on the list!

Do you use a designated driver or do bus/cab it home? Have you ever booked a car?


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