Change Your Windscreen Wipers and No More Scratching!

By February 25, 2014 Love Your Car
How to change your windscreen wipers

How to change your windscreen wipers

Are you scared that if it starts to spit raindrops, you won’t be able to see where you are going?

Do you need it to rain heavily so that the windscreen wipers don’t just scratch your glass?

How long have your windscreen wipers been on your car? Since you bought the car? Do they clean the windscreen properly or do you have a smear across the glass every time you turn them on?

For around $20 you can buy new wiper blades and with a quick watch of our video, in around 10 minutes you will be cruising with a clean windscreen – no more scratching!

Just remember though, that the purpose of windscreen wipers is to actually wipe away water (as in rain) not to actually clean the windscreen! Grab the hose for that job!

And remember that your car is one of your biggest investments, so protect it – can you really afford not to?

For less than a tank of fuel you can learn how!

Jump into one of our workshops and learn how to get to save $ and get your hands just a little greasy.  Workshops

Live too far away from our workshops? Do our online course! Just as much fun and all in your own driveway.  E-Course

Don’t get stuck, with no idea what to do!


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