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We are always excited to work with a new product – especially if it’s one that helps us to save money and keep our car safe too! So with Castrol’s new Magnatec Oil in hand we were off to teach our last 2 Galmatic Know Your Car Workshops for 2013.

Our Castle Hill workshops are one of our favourite workshops. The car park is huge and we always get a fun and diverse mix of gals.

Now it was the end of the year, so we were excited to be able to offer everyone a Christmas bag with a litre each of the new Castrol Magnatec Oil that we were trying out! And yes like in all of our workshops we got to poke under the bonnet and check the fluid levels of our cars.
Never had a look under there?

Download our checklist – it’s a full colour easy, no jargon PDF that you can pop into the glovebox as an easy reference tool.

Holiday Car Check

“So why do we need to check the oil?” is one of the main questions we get in our workshops.
To put it simply, your car engine oil protects your engine from friction caused from moving parts. When your car is on, parts are moving against each other, which in time causes them to wear.

This means that it is critical that you have:
1. Enough engine oil in your car
2. A good quality engine oil that will leave a coasting of oil on your engine parts
3. Oil that isn’t too old – the older the oil (it’s been in your engine too long) the less effective it will be

With this in mind we grabbed our oil rags and checked our dipstick and 4 of the cars needed more oil (which means they were causing excessive friction and wear and tear on their engines) and two cars were in need of an oil change.


Magnatec Oil Touch Test

Magnatec Oil Touch Test

Learn how to top up your car engine oil at a Galmatic Ladies only car maintenance workshop. Australia wide.

Learn how to top up your car engine oil at a Galmatic Ladies only car maintenance workshop. Australia wide.

With our groovy Castrol Magnatec touch test cards we had a feel of what engine parts in good and poor condition feel like and the importance of using a good quality engine oil.


And yes us Galmatic gals get very excited when we get to try out new engine oil (we also love new beauty products too – check out ) and a luscious new red lipstick is great to match your oil rag as your change the oil!

With 75% of engine wear happening whilst your car warms up – (yep from turning the key to you driving off), the Castrol Magnatec oil is fantastic as it actually leaves a coating on your engine parts so that they are protected during that initial warm up phase! It sticks similar to a magnet sticks to a fridge and it is also designed to reduce your cars fuel consumption too!

So our verdict? It has a fun touch test tool, protects your engine parts and save you on fuel consumption. Gets the Galmatic tick of approval from us!
We are off now to make a new video for you on how to change your engine oil!


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