Car Wheels, rims, nuts and hubcaps!

By September 23, 2013 Love Your Car

Get To Know Your Wheels, Rims, Nuts And All!

Yes we are talking car wheels, rims, nuts and hubcaps.

So what do two girls with a camera and a desire to tell you about the different nuts, nut protectors and all things car shoes do?

They make a funny video for you – to turn what seems like a boring topic into something fun and easy to watch –that will also teach you something too!

Enjoy the video MJ and I put together for you and make sure to share it with your friends.

And a big thank you to everyone for raving about our new E-Course, it’s always a bit special to know that you like what we do! And if you haven’t had a peek yet shhhh don’t tell us, just cruise on over  and have a look now.

Want help getting to know your car wheels, rims, nuts and hubcaps?

Well if you can’t make it to a Galmatic Workshop because they are are just too far away, not on the days that suit your schedule – or you are just learning how to drive and don’t have your own car yet ?

You want to get your hands greasy and you want to pop the bonnet of your own car.

You want to feel more confident behind the wheel.

But you don’t live anywhere near our workshops, or can’t make it at the times we run them.

Don’t put away that toolbox. Grab an oil rag and find the dipstick with one of our car maintenance e-courses.

We have 2 E-Courses to choose from; whether you’re a learner driver that needs something just a little more basic, or someone that has been driving for a while.

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Our online courses are fun, they are inexpensive, you can do them at your own leisure and they are just like our hands on workshops, but you do them from home.

1. We have course notes, a workbook to fill out and leave in the glove box of the car, for easy reference.

2. We have checklists and how to videos as well.

3. All you do is log in to the member’s area and everything is there for you!

Join the 30 000 women that have trusted Galmatic

to make them more confident behind the wheel.


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