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Do you shake your hand bag to find your car keys? Does your bag  jingle because you have so many keys all cuddled up together?

Does your car key live on its own or perhaps bunched together with a fluffy toy, good luck charm, a photo and the keys to every door in your life?

You probably know that you shouldn’t, but haven’t really thought about it. Today’s video is a quick, easy one to watch, so click the photo below and learn why too many keys could cost you!

Simple easy tips that save you $ is what we do best, so make sure you don’t go any longer without the stuff that we teach cruising through your head.

Everything at Galmatic costs less than a tank of fuel – but will save you much, much more.

Come over to the rest of our  website – the garage door is open all hours and we have so many different ways that you can learn more about your car!


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