Our Why..

How often do you think about the relationship that you have with your car?

Giggle you may, but stop to think about the amount of time you have spent in your car.

Driving to a job interview, or the airport to pick up someone special. The kisses you have received in it (shh we promise not to tell), the chats with friends, the songs you have sung to. Think of all the food you’ve eaten in your car and the butterflies you’ve had in your tummy as you have driven to a date, party, exam…

Yes, the relationship you have with your car is a real one. It might even be deeper and longer lasting than some of your romantic relationships!

6 Female Trainers

12 years teaching Australia wide

60,000 Australians have been empowered by our programs

Every day..

Teenage girls and women across Australia, jump into their cars without even thinking about the basic stuff they should know about their cars to keep them safe on the road and saving $$ in repairs and maintenance.

That’s why I started Galmatic, to get every gal in Australia confident behind the wheel.

Welcome to our virtual garage. We’ve rolled up the garage door for you to look around and make learning about your car easy and fun.


Our Trainers


Our all-female crew makes us different!

Our trainers are women who are both interested in cars and love to teach. We come from diverse training backgrounds and all hold a minimum Cert IV in ‘Workplace Assessment and Training’.

Some of us are University trained, TAFE trained (we called it ‘Tech’ in the old days), school of hard knocks trained and all of us start every class with the desire to do the best we can, with 100% enthusiasm, rain, hail or shine!

Together we have taught over 60 000 people!

Our passengers

At Galmatic, we think of everyone that we work with as our passengers; along with us on the journey of becoming more confident behind the wheel. It’s been a fun road trip since 2007.

Our passengers have included mums and daughters, famous faces, teenagers, school students and women that drive a lot for work.

We look forward to meeting you at the next bus stop and going for a cruise.


Our Journey..

It all started with a book.

Galmatic – the ‘Car Care Handbook for Girls’ launched in 2007.

The Handbook was easy to flick through, ring bound, sturdy, hard paper, grease resistant, glove box essential for every girl.

It went to print 3 times and in 2012 we went digital and the handbook converted into an interactive IPad App and a collection of e-playbooks.

Our public and corporate workshops and school programs were designed quickly after the handbook was launched. Easy, hands-on and heaps of fun. These workshops thrust us under the bonnets of thousands of cars!

It also got us a little famous!


Georgie is our Galmatic mascot. An animated, turbo–charged, rock ‘n’ roll, girl mechanic — independent and car savvy.

Georgie plays an important role at our garage. Her cheeky wit allows us to push the boundaries. She is intelligent, gorgeous, fun and independent. Cool enough to inspire and warm enough to admire.

Georgie bridges the age gap and is the epitome of our philosophy of old fashioned service in a modern world. She keeps an eye on all our training to make sure our Car Maintenance Workshops for women and Online Programs are practical, fun and useful!

And let’s not start with her love of the camera. She has her own cartoon and oversees our entire auto ‘how to’ car care tips for women filming.

Georgie - Galmatic crew mascot