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We have filmed our first Vlog. It was trickier than we thought, as we all kept forgetting to pull out our phones to film! Ever wondered what a week looks like for us? Have a peak at our vlog – and let us know what you think!

We definitely have a fun job. Teaching workshops of course is the highlight of the week for us, especially our school incursions. That moment when someones eyes light up, perhaps from learning something, or just the joy of feeling more confident and empowered.

Our days are varied and usually filled to the brim with teaching, so we thought you might like a behind scenes peak to see what we do outside of classes.

This week starts off running school workshops, sees us at Sydney Dragway teaching our defensive driving courses, more school workshops and ends with us having a day scripting and filming some how-to videos.

We are an all Gal team and focus on working around everyone’s schedule. It is very important to us that our team love what they do.

We would love to know what you do. Do you work from home? In an office? Run your own business?


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