Car Know-how Workshops for

Women and School Groups

Car Maintenance Hands-on Workshops & Online Courses


For Teenagers we have High School Workshops run at your school and our Learners online course, which is fun, easy and interactive.

For Experienced Drivers we have our Ladies Only hands-on workshops. Join one of our public workshops, or we can come to you. Download an eBook or enjoy one of our How-to Videos.

Take a cruise around our website darling, grab an oil rag and join the 60,000 women and teenagers that have enjoyed a Galmatic course.

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Car know-how eBooks for Women


Download onto your phone and have easy ‘step by step’ auto must do’s at your fingertips!

The inexpensive and bite sized way to get you auto savvy.

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Our School Program


School Car Maintenance Workshops that are interactive & hands-on.

Fun workshops which include practical skill building, in a non-threatening environment.

Run at your school, designed to fit in with your timetable & number of students.

For Learner Drivers


Does your teenage daughter know how to change a tyre?

Now that she is driving alone at night, are you confident that she would know what to do if the car broke down?

The ‘Know Your Car ’ Online Course is designed to help get teenage girls safe behind the wheel!

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful workshops that your company provided yesterday.
Karina was delightful & enthusiastic. She was punctual, prepared & knowledgeable.”

L. Harris – Year 10 Adviser
Springwood High School

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Help your teenage daughter to be
confident, prepared & safe
behind the wheel.

“At the ripe old age of 45 I decided I was sick of not knowing anything about my own car, something I rely upon every single day. And so I thank the heavens I found Galmatic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know the all-important basics about their car. You will never feel powerless again when it comes to your ride!”

Rebecca Huntley – Author

Hands On Workshops


Our car care workshops are designed specifically for women.

They are fun, interactive and hands on.

Our female trainers will show you how to feel comfortable poking under the bonnet of your car and most importantly, you are with a group of like-minded women, learning in a friendly and non-threatening environment.

“Wow, is it really that simple? Thanks for the ‘jargon –free’, easy to work through e-course. And yes my car had hardly any oil or coolant before this course, but never again. I even showed my brother how to do it.”


“These girls are fantastic!”

Layne Beachley.

7 times world surfing champion

About Us

Why this car is automatic, it’s hydromatic, why it’s…

yep you know the song and it inspired our name Galmatic!

An all Gal company started by Eleni in 2007 and now 12 years on and 60,000 Australians later we are the ‘go-to’ for the’ how-to’ for every gal that drives!

How-to Videos

Get to know us better by watching a video and downloading our
free worksheets. We can’t let you cruise onto our website without getting to know us! Our videos are a great way to meet the crew.