High Heels or Sneakers


Your tyres are what keep you and your car connected to the road – but unfortunately often the last thing that you think about when it comes to maintaining your car.

So to make tyre care a little more fun, lets go shoe shopping for your car.

With just a little bit of knowledge and attention, you can ensure your car will be cruising in style; much like wearing the right shoes to the ball.

And yes you need to know how to change a tyre!

In this playbook you will learn all about:

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It’s time to get to know your tyres better, what they do and why they play such an important role in how your car drives.

Often we don’t think about our tyres until we get a flat one. And rarely do we check them; the tyre pressure, the wear and tear, the amount of tread.

Have you ever changed a tyre? Changing a tyre takes no time at all, once you know how to do it.

In this playbook you will learn all about:

  • Tyre maintenance and care
  • How to know when you need new tyres
  • What the tyre placard is and why you need it
  • Tyre pressure, tyre tread and rotation – we make it simple to understand
  • Step by step guide to changing a tyre with colour photos
  • Shoe Box worksheet to pop into your glove box

All this – in a no jargon, easy to read playbook, with check lists and info every gal that drives should know!

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